Press Office Service for Companies

With our press office we increase the notoriety and relevance of our clients, disseminating high-impact messages in traditional and digital media.

We turn your news into publishable stories

We put our expertise in media relations at your service!

As a press office, we will inform the media in your sector about your activities, services and marketing activities, with the aim of making you relevant in the current information panorama.

Press Releases

We create press releases that are newsworthy and thus stand out in the specialised media of each sector.

Opportunity Identification

We specialise in detecting the most relevant content and giving it visibility in the media.

Media Relations

We manage media requests for information and build proactive relationships with the media.

Media Segmentation

Effectiveness means getting the right media interested in your project. We work with the entire media spectrum.

We specialise in press releases, media presentations and much more.

Our goal as a specialised press office is to get the media interested in your company’s news.

We like to work with knowledge of the cause, being a part of your company. To do this, we will soak up your essence and communicate with professionalism and objectivity, but without losing sight of the consolidation and growth of the brand image, building a solid reputation that generates business results.

This is our working philosophy as a press office.

We provide you with a digital tool that will allow you to know what is being said about your company. We research and analyse the news published in the media and prepare a personalised press-book.

The use of a professional press office is the best way to maintain a smooth relationship with the media.

Business Context Analysis

We work comprehensively on the “before/during/after” of each of the news items.

Selection of Relevant News

Our aim is to achieve maximum impact. It is vital to know how to choose the best news.

Valuation of Shares

We evaluate outcome reports with the aim of measuring media impact.

Benefits of having a press office!

Having a constant and positive presence in the media, from classic print media to online media, influencers and specialised blogs, is essential for the communication of any business.

Brand Visibility

The raison d’être of a press office is to differentiate a brand from others in the market.

Tasks such as writing and disseminating press releases, reports, interviews, events, enhance corporate reputation.

Media Presence

Today, if the media don’t know you, you don’t exist.

Having an active presence in the media will make it easier for your target audience to know the most interesting news about your company.

Increased Authority

Establishing links with specialised media opens doors to positioning oneself among the main news in the sector, with the consequent increase in authority and relevance that a company can project in its market.

Cost Savings

Maintaining an in-house communications department can be very costly.

Therefore, delegating the work to an external press office is often a better investment option.

We want to be your company’s press office!

It is increasingly difficult to stand out in the media landscape and attract the attention of the right journalists. That’s why you need a professional team to help you to be visible. At FA comunicación we want to help you!

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