Public and Institutional Relations Service

Knowing what to say and how to act at all times is not always easy. That is why it is of vital importance to know how to properly manage the different public relations of a company.

We generate synergies in your business relationships

We offer you our experience in public and institutional relations!

We advise companies with the objective of achieving relevance and building long-term relationships with stakeholders, always within the framework of a strategic plan for the achievement of their corporate or institutional goals.

Corporate and Institutional Diplomacy Strategy

We defend the interests of the company, using the tools of diplomatic practice.

Contacts with Professional Associations and Bodies

Spokesperson and Protocol Training

We collaborate in defining the spokespersons who will become the voice and image of the company or brand ambassadors. 

Public Representation of the Company

Connect with your target audience through strategic and institutional relationships.

Public relations work goes beyond a simple agenda of contacts. It consists of acquiring an appropriate positioning in the eyes of stakeholders.

The way we communicate is essential to establish a good relationship with our stakeholders. We manage the image and relationships between the different influential groups to achieve coherent communication that is aligned with each of the objectives set out in our clients’ communication plan.

This is our philosophy as a public relations agency.

Public relations have become a fundamental part of today’s companies. Transmitting the best image and maintaining loyalty to their policies and corporate values are some of the strong points in our day-to-day work.

Organising events, reinforcing brand positioning, attracting media attention… Whatever your objective, we’ll be there.


The availability of the company’s decision-makers is essential in order to act at key moments.


It is important to adapt the way of contacting the different interlocutors to their specific profiles and needs.


Meeting new contacts and growing the agenda is part of our strategy to detect opportunities.

Benefits of public relations work in a company!

Good public and institutional relations is key to a company’s direct contact with stakeholders and to building a good brand reputation within its sector.

Credibility Building

When the desired message is conveyed in a clear, concise and truthful manner, without embellishment, the customer perceives this as a sign of trust and credibility.

Identity Reinforcement

A PR-based communication strategy aims to give the highest possible visibility, thus contributing to an increasing number of people being able to recognise the company.

Improving Engagement

Effective PR actions positively boost a company’s image, influencing the perception of its users, thus creating emotional bonds between the customer and the brand.

Customer Acquisition

Public relations helps to build relationships with customers.

Creating a well-positioned brand image generates new opportunities to attract customers for the company.

We want to manage your company’s public relations!

We work to help companies disseminate a clear and convincing value proposition through messages adapted to each of their target groups and markets, because communication today has new challenges!

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