Social Media Marketing Service

We create and implement social media marketing actions that help our clients to be more visible, to position themselves and generate branding and business around their digital brand.

We get your company talked about on social networks

We create creative social media strategies focused on achieving tangible results!

We take into consideration all aspects of digital communication in order to create an active community of potential customers who are interested in the different products and services of our clients.

Target Audience Analysis and Segmentation

Not all networks are the same, and not all users relate to each other in the same way. That’s why we identify the right audience to impact.

Social Media Content Creation

We design valuable content for your target audience based on your company’s philosophy and values. We interact with your audience and manage what they say about your brand.

Social Media Advertising Strategies

We design and implement ad campaigns on social networks (ADS) to reach your audience. You will be able to increase visits to your website and get new customers.

Google Advertising Strategies (SEM)

We create and manage Google ad campaigns (SEM). From Google Shopping, display ads, to search and remarketing campaigns.

Plan your social media marketing strategy with the help of our digital agency.

We want to help you achieve business opportunities through direct interaction on social media with your target audience.

Social media marketing encompasses all activities and actions that are carried out on social networks, with the aim of increasing the reach and quality of potential customers. The use of social media by companies can be seen both as a public relations resource and as a customer service.

This is our philosophy as a social media marketing agency.

Our work process for the optimisation of social networks begins with the Social Media Plan. This plan includes a calendar of actions aimed at achieving the company’s objectives through the different social media available.

Social networks offer an ideal environment for generating business opportunities that companies need to take advantage of.

Definition of Objectives and Strategy

Analysis of the current state of social networks, as well as a study of the competition. Based on this, the objectives to be achieved (realistic, achievable and measurable) are set.

Execution of the Social Media Plan

The next key point is the execution of concrete actions. We configure and manage the most appropriate campaigns and publications for each project.

Evaluation and Measurement Results

Finally, we set up different analytical tools to measure and evaluate the results, with the aim of analysing whether the objectives set have been achieved.

Benefits of having a social media marketing plan!

Social media marketing is an integral part of the business communication strategy. For this reason, a balance must be struck between advertising content and content that is of value to social media users.

Improving Visibility and Reputation

What is the first thing users do when a brand piques their interest? Search for it on their favourite social networks.

Any company that wants to position itself solidly on the Internet must pay special attention to the image and management of its social networks.

Social media is the closest shop window to the consumer and a great source of traffic attraction to a company’s website. Therefore, they must project a good image to the world.

Increased Customer Loyalty

With a media plan that shares content that generates interest in users, either by answering their questions or by carrying out promotional actions that provide them with a benefit, a brand can turn a simple follower of the networks into a loyal consumer.

Social media users are grateful to brands that truly pay attention to them. If they see that the company’s interest is genuine, they will thank them by buying again and again.

Direct Customer Service Channel

Since social networks are the tool that the customer has at hand to establish contact, they are often used by companies as a means of customer service.

People make contact through public messages or interactions in the networks. If the company reacts relatively quickly and treats users in a friendly manner, it creates an atmosphere of customer proximity that is difficult to surpass with other media.

Product Testing and Launch

When a brand is considering launching a new product or service, it usually resorts to market research.

However, having an active audience on the company’s social networks allows you to test the public’s interest by showing a preview, without the expense of the full production.

In this way, you benefit from launching products or services that solve real needs of your audience and market.

We want to drive your network marketing strategy!

Having an effective social media plan is only one part of your digital marketing strategy. If you want to achieve real results, your efforts must go beyond social. At FA comunicación we can help you!

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